Introducing TronWallet MagicLink™

Enable turbo growth for your DApp.

Increase DApp revenue with TronWallet MagicLink™ built to engage and acquire users across all devices, channels, and platforms.

Why a TW MagicLink™ ?

TronWallet MagicLink™ allows you to redirect users traffic DIRECTLY to your DApp inside TW Browser. So, if you share your TW MagicLink™ on Telegram or Twitter, users who click it will be redirected to your DApp inside TronWallet Browser. Just Like Magic!

Top 10 Reasons to Have A TW MagicLink™

  1. To acquire new users for your DApp across all devices, channels and platforms

  2. To offer direct play link experience to your DApp

  3. To engage new and old users to try your DApp and give you valuable feedbacks

  4. To offer a better experience for your users

  5. Access to 50k+ Monthly active users

  6. Access to 12k Daily active users

  7. TW users love to try new DApps

  8. TW is available in 130 countries for iOS and Android

  9. TW is available on Apple Store and Google Play

  10. TW users spend between 15M-40M TRX per day on TRON DApps

How to buy a TW MagicLink™ ?


TW MagicLink price starts at 100k TWX per year.

Send at least 100k TWX to the address below and our team will get in contact with you within 48 hours to release your link.

MagicLink Sale Address


The Rules:

  • Magic Link expire after 1 year and you will get notified to renew

  • We need 48 hours to fulfil your order or send your funds back

Start Engage More DApps Users With TronWallet Magic Link. TW Magic Link bring real users and traffic for DApps across all devices, channels, and platforms on Tron Network.


Buy TW Magic Link Now

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Transaction payment link of at least 100k TWX. We need 48 hours to fulfil your order or send your funds back.